The following Clients and Partners to the firm have had nice things to say about their experience working with Same Page Capital. More can be found here: LinkedIn References

"Same Page Capital provided MediaBank with spot-on market strategy, a high profile target prospect list, and meetings with C-level advertising executives. They helped us re-think our pricing strategy, our target prospect audience, and even got us back into a competitive pitch we'd lost.

I highly recommend Same Page Capital for any digital enterprise in the market-facing phase of their business where market penetration with highly  visible target accounts, business development at the senior decision-making levels, sales organization creation, Best Practices integration, and product marketing//IP development are keys to success."

-- Client, Greg Rudin, SVP, GroupOn and MediaBank (now MediaOcean)

"I look to Norm and Same Page Capital for honest and straight-forward advice on partnerships and business development. He is one of the few people in this industry that has enough experience to be able to share meaningful insights on the ad-tech space."

-- Partner, Rodney Mayers, CRO, Proximic  @proximic

"Same Page Capital has helped MASS Exchange map the ecosystem and players within it to identify and develop strategic partnership opportunities. SPC’s keen understanding that advisory services are deeply rooted in trust is reflected in the advice and guidance they provide. Working with SPC has resulted in substantive and tangible positive outcomes for our business. With a deep knowledge of the history and current state of the market, SPC provides a unique macro view critical to any organization seeking to successfully navigate the market."

-- Client, Amihai Ulman, CIO, MASS Exchange  @MASSExchange

"As an experienced ad industry executive, I can say without hesitation that Same Page Capital ("SPC") represent a trusted industry resource with deep area-specific expertise and an unmatched network of senior-most contacts across the entire advertising ecosystem … In an industry that is ever changing, it's easy to find resources that lack depth and knowledge of the market. In contrast, SPC is headed by a seasoned and experienced team of professionals that know how things work making them an invaluable asset to any digital business looking to grow … Their depth of knowledge in the digital marketing space is outstanding, SPC also have an uncanny ability to spot market and product trends, an ability that only an experienced firm that helped to shape the digital space could have …

More importantly though they deliver. In an industry rife with hype, Same Page Capital delivers. They deliver measurable results at every level within a prospective partner organization. SPC’s team is always focused on delivering to plan while always staying a step ahead and preparing for ever changing market condition. I have found that Norm and his team excel at winning the confidence of clients and prospects. His team is always energetic and creative, but always firmly grounded in what really counts: delivering results to move the business forward ...

Same Page Capital is a true asset to any company trying to do business in today’s digital marketing space. I can’t think of anyone with better understanding of the business, or a larger network of decision makers."

-- Client, Julio Deulofeu, Co-Founder, AdXcel  @deulofeu

"Same Page Capital brings top-notch technology start-ups to our attention. In my busy world I can’t possibly know about all the new technology offerings in the marketplace,    which is why I’m grateful that I have SPC as a long-term trusted business partner, resource, and sounding board. I know that I can trust SPC to bring only the best of breed companies to us for our consideration. I look forward to continuing to work with SPC and its roster of start-up clients."

-- Partner, Sean Cheyney, VP Marketing & Business Development, AccuQuote  @scheyney

"Norm brought energy, creativity and chutzpah to selling the vision for Flycast Communications. In 1997, no one had heard of an online ad network let alone an online advertising brokerage. He pioneered this idea with advertising agencies who looked at web advertising as a curiosity and an annoyance--certainly not as a media form with which they could ever make money from their clients. Norm did in those early years what he has since done over and over since Flycast: he opened new markets by convincing unbelievers to become true believers. Got a new market? Get Norm."

 -- Partner, Dave Miller, Director of Product Management, Flycast Communications