Working with the Same Page team has been significantly beneficial to our business. Same Page helped us get to commercialization with the correct product-market fit and an efficient pricing strategy. In addition, Same Page enabled direct revenue opportunities across a variety of verticals with its network of enterprise contacts. The Same Page team doesn’t just advise; as operators themselves, they actively help you grow your company ... Plus, they're building a fund to further help entrepreneurs like me.

Kyle Johnson (Member of the Fund Portfolio)

Founder and CEO, Bixy

Same Page Capital provided MediaBank with spot-on market strategy, a high-profile target prospect list, and meetings with C-level advertising executives. They helped us re-think our pricing strategy and model, our target prospect audience, and even got us back into a competitive pitch we'd lost - before the ink on our contract was dry!

Greg Rudin (Portfolio Company)

Co-Founder, GroupOn; SVP, MediaBank (acquired by MediaOcean)

Same Page has delivered invaluable access to key strategic partners and investors throughout the US, as well as strategic consulting that has opened entirely new product opportunities and addressable markets for our business. This level of access to decision-makers is a tremendous help to any start-up, especially one located in a foreign market (Israel).

Yossi Cohen (Portfolio Company)

Co-Founder, QuickLizard

As an experienced ad industry executive, I can say without hesitation that Same Page Capital represent a trusted industry resource with deep area-specific expertise and an unmatched network of senior-most contacts across the entire advertising ecosystem … Their depth of knowledge in the digital marketing space is outstanding, Same Page also have an uncanny ability to spot market and product trends, an ability that only an experienced firm that helped to shape the digital space could have … More importantly though, they deliver! In an industry rife with hype, Same Page Capital delivers. Same Page Capital is a true asset to any company trying to do business in today’s digital marketing space. I can’t think of anyone with better understanding of the business, or a larger network of decision makers.

Julio Deulofeu (Portfolio Company)

 Investor; President, Wunderman; Co-Founder, AdXcel

Same Page Capital has helped MASS Exchange map the ecosystem and players within it to identify and develop strategic partnership opportunities. Same Page’s keen understanding that advisory services are deeply rooted in trust is reflected in the advice and guidance they provide. Working with Same Page has resulted in substantive and tangible positive outcomes for our business. With a deep knowledge of the history and current state of the market, Same Page provides a unique macro view critical to any organization seeking to successfully navigate the market.

Amihai Ulman (Portfolio Company)

CIO, MASS Exchange

Same Page brings top-notch technology start-ups to our attention … which is why I’m grateful that I have them as a long-term trusted business partner … I know that I can trust Same Page to bring only the best of breed companies to us for our consideration. I look forward to continuing to work with Same Page and its portfolio of start-up clients.

Sean Cheyney (Customer Partner)

VP Business Development, North America, Triad Retail Media (WPP)

With the Same Page portfolio, I know a technology partner has been vetted and that they can support my agency’s business. If they’re working with Same Page, I know it’s not two guys in a garage with just a good idea.

Mitch Weinstein (Customer Partner)

SVP Operations, MediaBrands (IPG)

Norm and I have worked closely on a number of efforts. In every regard, he is a media sector expert - a trusted capable and insightful partner. Norm offers disciplined, organized media advisory services and important access to key strategic partners and capital, as well as strategic consulting on product, vision, and position within the marketplace. Norm sees the big picture. He is the real deal and I would welcome having him by my side in any business venture.

Todd Broms (Portfolio Company)

CEO, Applied InvestmentScience (author of NextShares and more)

I look to Norm and Same Page Capital for honest and straight-forward advice on partnerships and business development. He is one of the few people in this industry that has enough experience to be able to share meaningful insights on the ad-tech space. 

Rodney Mayers (Customer Partner)

Customer Success, Google

As a valuable technology partner, Norm understands how his technology offering increases our strategic value to our internal and external clients and prospects. Norm understands client expectations and exactly how to productize and operationalize our collective offering to scale our partnership. This level of sales expertise is extremely important to me, my team, and the groups within the network with whom Norm worked to generate revenues for both companies. 

Will Doherty (Customer Partner)

EVP, Global Marketplace Development, Index Exchange

Nick at Same Page is a visionary. Before there was any real understanding of interactive marketing, and how major advertisers would use the Internet, Nick created a leading agency, assembled a group of very talented individuals, to help major companies develop strategy and tactics. Smart, hardworking, creative, and a leader. 

Scott Cohen (Customer Partner)

President GameTrust (acquired by Real Networks)

Norm brings trust, reliability and years of industry expertise to a relationship. He has an ability to articulate complex solutions in simple terms and match them to a client's strategic marketing objectives. He has the experience, network, and professional insights across a multitude of marketing disciplines required to be a valuable partner for a variety of client types. 

Mike Goefft (Customer Partner)

Managing Director, DDW

Norm was a very effective evangelical salesperson. He thinks creatively, and is very customer-focused. He is one of the most experienced online media execs in San Francisco.

Lawrence Braitman (Investor & Customer Partner)

Investor;  Founder Braitman & Co. investment group; Chairman, Adify Corp.